$3.9 Billion to Improve the Energy Efficiency of Homes

The Australian government recently announced the Energy Efficient Homes Program, a $3.9 billion investment in housing modernisation until the end of 2011. Under this program, the Government offers to install free ceiling insulation of up to $1,600 in value in all uninsulated, owner-occupied homes. Renters will also benefit from this scheme with landlords being entitled a rebate of $1,000 to install insulation in their rental properties.

The government announcement will dramatically change the existing home insulation market. “We are experiencing the highest jump in demand in the history of Bradford Insulation,” says Ray Thompson, Bradford Group Marketing Manager.
Bradford was invited to the official launch of the government’s energy efficiency initiative, which was staged at Bradford’s distributor Just-rite in Canberra. The place was well chosen with Just-rite being a frontrunner in providing energy efficient products and solutions. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Minister for Environment, Heritage and the Arts Peter Garrett launched the start of a new era of energy efficiency for Australia.
Installing ceiling insulation alone can save over 40% of heating and cooling costs resulting in $200 savings on a household’s energy bill. If the initiative is taken advantage of by every eligible household, this would result in the alleviation of up to 4.7 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent per year from 2011.
“We welcome the Federal Government’s acknowledgement of the importance of energy efficiency in housing and further stimulus to the housing sector,” says Anthony Tannous, Bradford General Manager.
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