Optimo™ Underfloor Insulation

Whilst many houses now have insulation in their roofs and walls, if your home is built suspended off the ground this could unknowingly be the key factor causing heat to leak out of your home in winter and entering it in summer. Bradford’s Optimo™ is a product specifically designed for floors and depending on the type of house you have and the climate you live in, it could be the missing link you’ve been looking for in order to slash your electricity bill and create a more comfortable home.

Heating and cooling costs make up the largest component of the average Australian’s electricity bill. Even where homes are well-insulated, households could still be losing as much as 15 – 20% of their heating and cooling energy use through the floor. Bradford Optimo is a rigid, high density insulation with excellent thermal and acoustic properties, specifically developed for homes with suspended timber floors.

Does the floor feel cold to you?

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Installing Bradford Optimo™ is like slipping on a thick pair of socks that stops the cold entering your home and keeps your toes warm. By stopping draughts it will also help prevent the chills spreading though each room. With an R-Value of R2.1 and R2.5, Bradford Optimo™ boasts one of the highest levels of thermal performance on the market to help keep you cosy during winter and keep those energy bills down.

Keeping noise outside your home

Whilst thermal insulation is usually the main reason people consider Optimo, it is an incredibly diverse product that provides a number of other benefits, namely, acoustic insulation. Sound can enter you home anywhere that air can, so consequently external noise can be transferred through your floor.

Optimo™ is an excellent sound absorber. Not only will it help reduce noise entering your home from outside it will also dampen the sound of foot traffic on timber floors. Whether you’re trying to minimise external noise from the traffic outside or you want a solution to the noise the kids make as they run around the house, Optimo will help you achieve a supreme level of peace and quiet in your home.


Breathe easy

Bradford Optimo is 100% bio-soluble and you can be comfortable knowing it poses no health risk to you or your family. Bradford is the only approved insulation partner of the National Asthma Council Australia Sensitive Choice program. Bradford Optimo™ is suitable for use in the homes of asthma and allergy sufferers. It also doesn’t provide a food source for insects or vermin.

Moreover, if you consider yourself pretty handy around the house, there’s no reason you can’t install Optimo yourself. Bradford Optimo will arrive with step by step instructions on every pack, making installation an easy DIY job. 

Features and Benefits

  • Keeps your home warmer in winter
  • Reduces your heating energy use
  • Stops draughts through your floor
  • Helps keep your home quieter
  • Low allergen
  • Professional installation available
  • Simple to install


R-Value Thickness
Standard Size Pieces per pack m2 per pack Coverage per pack (m2) Product code
R2.1 75 1160 x 415 8 3.9 4.4 122432
R2.1 75 1160 x 565 8 5.2 5.8 122433
R2.5 90 1160 x 415 8 3.9 4.4 114650
R2.5 90 1160 x 565 8 5.2 5.8 114692